OP-ED: Lewiston Civic Theatre’s “The Addams Family”

OP-ED: Lewiston Civic Theatres The Addams Family

Madelyn Hutchison

Hello everyone, today I’ll be reviewing the Addams Family: A NewMusical show by the Lewiston Civic Theatre.
I will be going over the background of the original Addams Family, the plot of this musical, the technical side of things, and my own personal feelings about the show.

Background: Interestingly enough, The Addams Family started out as a cartoon in The New Yorker newspaper, and the man who created this kooky family was none other than Charles Addams.

In the new The Addams Family, made in 2019, they tried to recreate Charles’s view of his characters, and drew on his own cartoons for their inspiration for the character designs.

The plot is pretty straightforward: Wednesday meets a boy named Lucas, who is completely normal, before the start of this musical and agrees to marry him.

The musical actually starts with the two of them trying to get their parents together for dinner before they tell them about the engagement. In typical Addams Family fashion, everything and everyone goes insane in the process.

For example, Uncle Fester apparently loves the moon. Gomez is trapped with the knowledge that
his daughter is getting married and is forbidden by Wednesday to tell anyone.

Morticia tries to leave Gomez because she knows her husband is hiding something from her, and she prides herself on having an entirely truthful marriage, and you get to watch Lucas’ parents totally fold under the strangeness of the Addams family home.

Technical things I noticed: Everything transitioned smoothly between scenes, from people changing costume to the set changing. I loved the set itself as well, each scene looked real and as if you were in the Addams family’s home, and I was genuinely impressed with it.

I used to have friends who were part of the theatre department at my high school, and they would go on and on about how difficult it was to paint the sets correctly and get them just right.

One thing that I noticed that wasn’t particularly great though was, at least the night I went, the
microphones kept cutting in and out. Which I in no part blame this on anyone, microphones are extremely finicky and are hard to work with most of the time, and there really isn’t much you can do to stop that kind of thing from happening.

Other than that, everything was well done and polished. My own personal feelings: I loved it so much! I loved the original Addams Family movie and was praying this musical would do it justice and it did. You could tell everyone loved the characters they were playing and were trying their hardest in their performances.

The casting for these characters was on point, each person matched their character perfectly while
bringing their own personal flair to said character. I loved how each character got their own solo song as well, it’s through songs like those that allow the audience to connect with the characters and see their true motivations.

It was interesting to see this kooky, out of sorts family deal with the fact that one of their own wanted to be in a normal family with “puppies and Disneyland” and I absolutely loved that they went in this direction. The time went by so quickly and I am really glad that this was my first ever musical I’ve seen in person. I can not wait to see what the Lewiston Civic Theatre has planned next.

All photos are courtesy of Amy Baker Stout, aka Morticia Addams.