LC State holds Humans vs Zombies Fun Run

Three Human Runners narrowly escape a Zombie-infested zone and prepare for the final stretch of the course.

Three Human Runners narrowly escape a Zombie-infested zone and prepare for the final stretch of the course.

Alyssa Smith

LC State’s Warrior Entertainment Board hosted Humans vs Zombies Fun Run on campus.
This event replaced a former event, Humans vs Zombies that lasted a week long throughout campus. However, this one day event was still action packed and not dampered by the gloomy weather.

The name of the event can be a tad deceiving, when some hear the word ‘fun run’ they think of an actual race more than 800m (half mile). However, this fun run was actually fun!

The course took place on campus and had three different zones; zombie free, zombie zone, and optional obstacles. The optional obstacle course is to gain extra lives if the human runner has lost any.

There were two categories that participants could sign up for, humans and zombies. The goal for humans was to be the ‘fastest living winner.’ Humans had two flags, similar to flag football, that represented lives.

The runners had to navigate different groups of zombies to make it to the safe finish line. There are three types of zombies; The Wanderer, The Limper, and the Bolter. The Wandering Zombies have a small circle and only pay attention to the runners if they get too close.
The Limper is a slow zombie that intimidates and follows at a walk to try and steal flags. The Bolter is ‘the ultimate zombie,’ they can sprint, terrorize, chase and take flags. The goal for the zombies was to collect the most lives.

There were many humans who braved the zombie infested course, but the ultimate survivor was Dakota Hall who finished the course in exactly one minute and with two lives remaining.

The hungriest zombie was Logan Struggle with thirteen lives stolen (a lucky number for the living dead).
As winners the Fastest Living Runner won an Air Fryer and a mini fridge.
The Hungriest Zombie won a Smart TV with a Roku. Even the undead want to binge on the latest TV hits, or if they are a typical college student, the classic “Friends.”

Human Runner being closely chased by a Zombie, completed the optional course and received extra lives.
Two Human Runners attempt to make it through a crowd of bright and festive Zombies.