Cassandra Arc

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) has been quite busy since the last update. The progress on creating a survey of LGBTQIA+ awareness and safety on campus in collaboration with ASLCSC is coming along quite well.

The GSA Gayme nights continue to be a great success. Additionally the monthly education event for the month of October yielded excellent attendance.

The GSA is attempting to either add LGBTQIA+ related questions to the ASLCSC’s yearly campus wide survey or create a list of questions for our own survey. At the last GSA business meeting on Nov. 2 the GSA discussed individual questions in the campus wide survey that the GSA thinks could
be tweaked to increase diversity and inclusion.

The discussion lasted for half an hour before the GSA decided to temporarily delay discussion so the
other agenda items could be discussed.

The GSA plans to continue development of the survey during business meetings in spring semester.
The other items on the agenda at the Nov. 2 business meeting included the expansion of the LGBTQIA+ resource page that the GSA has been slowly compiling.

Enamel pin designs were also discussed and the GSA plans to requisition some pins to hand out
at events and for graduating members to wear when they walk. The last item on the agenda was a partnership wit the psychology club for World AIDS day which is Dec. 1.

The Gayme nights continue to be a success. At the GSA’s most recent Gayme night there was one table running the game of life and another group playing a virtual game
called Jack-Box.

The next Gayme Night was held in conjunction with the Library’s Game night on Nov. 9. In addition
to board games there were two Dungeons and Dragons One-shot mini campaigns run by members of the GSA.

Characters were pre-made and rules were taught at the event, which was designed for players who
have never played D&D.

The last education event was facilitated by the Secretary of the GSA due to the absence of both the president and vice president.

The group discussed the history of the LGBTQIA+ community and the presence of LGBTQIA+ individuals in literature, history, and mythology.

Some notable figures that were discussed include Achilles, Sappho, and Princess Isabella of Bourbon-Parma.

Thanks for reading the LGBTQIA+ Agenda!