LC’s “Smash” Club Event Recap

LCs Smash Club Event Recap

Bryant Cano

The LC State Smash Club had a grand slam of a tournament two weeks ago, which was on the Oct. 25.

This type of tournament was a Squad-Strike type, meaning the player selects their squad of three
characters and uses that squad to compete against other squads throughout the bracket.
The top 8 placings are as follows:
1st: MarioJudah
2nd: Sir’st Pilliam’st
3rd: Mr. Weather
4th: Paragon
5th: Coleby
6th: Nakie
7th: C-Mass
8th: Dio
Everyone had a grand time competing with one another as they climbed up the ranks. If you’re interested to be more informed and join the fight, LC Smash has an event called Wifi Warrior Wednesday.

This event is hosted by Bryant Cano and is all about online play. For further information, check the Do More app or contact [email protected] We’ll see you there!