The Lost Time Capsule


Ally G

If you’ve ever wondered about what might be hidden beneath the campus grounds, then this is the
mystery for you.

On your way to class one day, you may have unknowingly walked over the lost time capsule due to be opened in 2061.

The mystery at 6 ft deep is the “Halley’s Comet Time Capsule,” a treasure buried by former ASLCSC
representatives. The true location was once known, but after construction and the passage of time, it has been lost. They left but two clues.

Clue No. 1: The Map. “April 2017 I was hired at LC,” Johanna Björk, the Director of Library Services wrote, “I spent the next year, with assistance from a History Intern Carole Mitchell, organizing and preparing the LC Archives for the 125th.”

Björk had been sorting through the archives when she found the forgotten and until then, hidden map.

It was found in an unorganized box with no details on who made the -time capsule, or what was inside.

Fast forward to October, 2021. Dakota Hall, current Vice President of the ASLCSC, took an interest in searching for the lost time capsule.

After he reached out to Johanna, he was given the map, and is now ready to begin the hunt for the Halley’s Comet Time Capsule.

“It’s more like an ‘X marks the spot’ on like a general location,” Hall confirmed, and pointed out that, “There’s a big chance it might have concrete over it.”

Now, this is where the second clue comes in. Clue No. 2: The Note.

Hall says that with the map, there was “a little note that says: buried between SUB and WCC.” It’s not exactly the clearest of locations, but Hall shared a theory about where he and other ASLCSC representatives think that the time capsule might be.

“We’re pretty sure it’s in one of the planters,” he said, and then added the biggest hurdle that they will have to cross: digging underneath the concrete.

ASLCSC President Caden Massey concurred with Hall and said, “We really think it is in there,” in reference to the planter in the photograph provided on the right. Massey noted that there are other planters around this location, but there is something specifically noteworthy about this particular area on the campus, given that the dirt area is outlined.

No tarp, no rocks. Just dirt. It’s as if there is something that wants to be found under all of the bricks… as though the bricks are there to keep the area safe and undisturbed.

Perhaps it is the dwelling of… wait for it… Halley’s Comet Time Capsule. It’s just waiting to be found.

“I didn’t know that there’s this many people that are passionate,” Hall admits, “But there’s a lot of people that are excited to find it.”

Will they find it? Only time will tell. With their focus and drive, it’s safe to say that with the current team there is a promising chance that the time capsule will be found.

If you would like to be a part of the time capsule search and retrieval team, join in on the adventure by sending an email to [email protected] (ASLCSC Vice President Dakota Hall).