ASLCSC Calender

Isaiah Ewing

November 16
– ASLCSC has over 40 vendors signed-up to attend the Craft Fair
– ASLCSC approved a motion to put money towards promoting the Craft Fair
– ASLCSC determined the winners of the raffle they sponsored for the Clubs & Organizations that attended Discovery Day, the winners are the Digital Warriors, and the Smash Club. And determined the winner of a raffle for students on campus who attended the event.
– Funding for the Kinder College Legacy Project has been approved
– Jar Wars has started, and ASLCSC has decided to sweeten the pot for the winner of Jar Wars with an additional $250
– ASLCSC Senators went over the Committee meetings they had and disseminated the important take-a-ways.
– ASLCSC is going to be partnering with the NW Alumni Group to make reduced price Ski Lift Tickets available for students at the CDA Campus

November 18
– ASLCSC Budget Committee met and went over the Grant Applications from Clubs on Campus.
– Senators went over their progress made on legacy projects and other events on campus.
– Interviews have begun for the Student Involvement Advisor Position