ASLCSC Calender

Nikolous Bertling

November 30
– Craft Fair – All the vendor spots were filled
– NW Alumni Event – No current updates
– Legacy Projects: Time Capsule is still waiting on updates from Physical Plant Nintendo Switch – Price changes have happened but the project will still be completed Mural/Smokestack – Smokestack will be painted blue
– Jar Wars Update: Delayed to next semester due to lack of interest Jars will be relocated to different divisions for better traffic and interests
– Election Board Update: Election board is being formed

December 2
– Craft Fair – Signs were completed and ready to be put around campus
– Old Time Capsule (Halley’s Comet Time Capsule): Dig team for the old time capsule has been assembled
– Jar Wars: Planned for first week of next semester
– Craft Fair Flyers – Created
– Senator Ryle Hutchins and Senator Octavio Serecero will be leading the Spring Pet Show
– Plans for Campus Trash Cans Senator Octavio Serecero has a map displaying trash cans around campus. An inspection to choose which ones are worst will be conducted soon to determine replacements

December 7
– Ambassador Honors Society in CDA will be filling out holiday cards next week for dispersal
– Craft Fair Recap: Database updates underway for vendors, Craft Fair was a big success despite the changed venue, the altered venue was actually preferred by vendors, there were more than 1,000 people who attended the Craft Fair
– Jar Wars: The new date for Jar Wars will be the 26th of January
– Restoring SUB Gaming Consoles: There are gaming consoles no longer in use, there is an interest to bring these consoles back into the SUB to be used by students. They include: Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Wii
– Trash Can Renewal Project: Estimated cost is $400/trash can, planning to split costs with another organization within campus
– Spring Pet Show: Time set for April 8, space is already reserved
– Committee Reports: ID Human Rights, looking for MC’s for the MLK Event Presidents Diversity: expressed concern about lack of employees of color, expressed concern about retention of employees of color, reviewed feedback of a lack of welcoming atmosphere amidst campus in regards to different ethnicities
– Election Board: The election board for SP22 is formed

December 9
– Nintendo Switch Project: Items soon to be bought.
– Halley’s Comet Time Capsule: Will be dug up next semester.
– Holiday Lights: ASLCSC plans to give money for future expenditures for campus holiday lights