LC State Discovery Day


Ally G

Discovery Day is an event that inspires many students to embark on their journey at LC State. The event was held on November 5th, 7th, and the 13th. During that time, potential students were able to visit LC State and were given a personal tour of the campus.

Current students and clubs were eligible to participate in this event as well as participate in raffles held by the ASLCSC. There was a select raffle for clubs at LC State and the ASLCSC provided two raffle prizes of 250 dollars each. Who won the raffle? Digital Warriors Club and LC Smash!

There was a raffle held for current students at the college. The winner, Maya Peterson, was the recipient of a gift card to the LC State bookstore! This event directly impacts almost everyone at LC State.

“You’re not just a number here, we’re interested in you,” Tate Smith, the Director of the Student Union Building said earnestly, “we will take the time to talk with you… when you’re here on campus the resources are here to help you be successful.”

How successful are these events? Just ask the ASLCSC president Caden Massey – he joined LC State after attending Discovery Day himself. “We were pleased with the overall turn-out, especially the success of Saturday’s event,” Rachel Peasley, Associate Director of Admissions said, “Students came from as near as Lewiston and Clarkston to as far as Oregon, central Washington, and North Idaho.”

What exactly happens on Discovery Day? During Discovery Day events, prospective students are able to learn about their possible majors, see what campus life is like, and because parents are also invited, it is often an opportunity for the potential student to figure out how to make it all happen at LC State.

“In the morning, they had options between campus tours, Residence Life information sessions, or a Classes to Careers presentation put on by the Student Employment and Career Center,” Peasley said.

When prospective students arrived, they were immediately greeted by Dr. Cynthia Pemberton, President of LC State, and Dr. Andy Hanson, Sr. Vice President for Student Affairs. Although, something different happened this year.

“This year we did change it, just a little bit,” Smith said. He explained that since student clubs had tables at the event, the goal was to invite all students, “not just our prospective students but also our current students.”

The Student Involvement fair “was a big hit with the participating students,” Peasley said, “During the complimentary lunch, we had a variety of different student services and clubs and organizations represented,” in the fair. Massey said that the ASLCSC decided to hold a panel, where prospective students were able to ask
real students questions about LC State. This would help many future students have a clearer vision of what LC State is like from a relatable perspective.

“The Admissions Office is very grateful to our partners campus wide who come together to make these events such a meaningful and impactful experience for our prospective students,” Peasley said.