ASLCSC Calender

Hannah Winter

March 24
– Pet Show Promo Video is complete and will be put out for advertising
– Graduation Banquet will be on the Library Lawn, May 12th
– CDA put flyers up for Mental Health event
– Discussed graduation raffles
– Time Capsule is going to be ordered
– Election Forums are finished, next year plan to do forums during lunch time
– May 3 is Sine Die, required for current and 2022-2023 elected candidates
– CDA is still working on getting a golf team together

April 5
– Dr. Andy Hanson shared the cost of painting Smoke Stack and noted that students will get to vote on two different designs.
– The plates for both Time Capsules and Kickball Trophy arrived.
– “Outstanding Senior” will be awarded at Graduation BBQ
– Time Capsule has arrived and contributions are being collected
– Pet Show is Friday, Shelter is bringing kittens, there will also be dogs, fish, horses and goats (potentially)
– Kindercollege is contributing to COVID-19 Time Capsule
– Elections are happening right now until April 7th
– CDA Senator Coates is promoting elections on CDA Campus and getting things set-up for golf tournament
– President Massey is calling and emergency meeting for ASLCSC on April 12, 2022.

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