LC Valley Pokémon community still going strong

Nerissa Greene, Staff Writer

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Gotta Catch Them All, Pokémon! Another semester is beginning, bringing new players and friendships to the popular phone game, Pokémon Go. This game for iPhone and Android users involves catching little pocket monsters in the real world, with the help of a phone. This game celebrated its two-year anniversary with new add-ons such as friendship bonuses and the ability to trade Pokémon.

This phone game is a great way to break the ice by meeting new people and making friends. There are even Facebook groups that you can jump into. There are community events that are very active on the campus as well. It is unsurprising that this reporter is one of the players who tries to host some fun events on the LCSC campus for Pokémon Go Community Days, which happen once each month.

The August Community Day event was the largest yet here at LCSC, with over 35 players the first day and 25 players the second day, all walking the school campus collecting different shiny Eevees, as well as battling in the two gyms for a chance at catching the legendary Registeel. The event had its first major LCSC challenges, which were to report in the largest and smallest Eevees in height as well as the heaviest and lightest Eevees in weight categories. There was also a little competitive race competition for the first to donate to the back-to-school fundraiser, as well as first to donate to the Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter. These competitions were a test to see if they would be worth doing during future community day events. Unfortunately, not very many players wanted to join in on donating so it will not be a competition anymore for major prizes.

For Pokémon Go Community Days, this reporter makes donation charms to hand out to people and also takes the donations to the shelter the following week after the event There are also Community Day charms for players to show off their Community Day spirit. These charms have been a great way to bring the Lewis-Clark Community Pokémon players together, forming great friendships. The Community Events themselves have been a safe way to meet new players, meet new faces of the community, and overall are a lot of fun to partake in.

This reporter highly recommends coming to one of these Pokémon Go community day events at LCSC. It is an amazing community of people playing the game and enjoying life in the Lewis-Clark valley. The next Pokémon Go Community Day is September 22.

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LC Valley Pokémon community still going strong