Shopping in the valley without a car

Nerissa Greene, Staff Writer

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New to Lewiston? Don’t have a clue where to shop? Do not worry. This article will be your guide to shopping in Lewiston and Clarkston while attending school at Lewis Clark State College.

Starting with groceries, there are quite a few options within walking distance. A&B foods is about two blocks off campus and sells basic groceries. They are located at 1234 8th St.. The downside to this small grocery store is they do not have MoneyGram or Redbox. Plus, come winter season their parking lot is a skating rink, though, they are under new management, which means that might change. Albertsons, the next option, is a bit further of a walk (about ten to eleven blocks) and is located at 1024 21st St.. This is a regular grocery store and has what A&B is lacking. Additionally, during winter their parking lot is treated so patrons are less likely to slide. Another option is a market downtown on Main Street that sells fresh produce. Other options will require you to drive to or take a bus. Those options are Rosauers (Lewiston), Albertsons (Clarkston), Costco (Clarkston), WinCo (Lewiston), or Walmart (Clarkston).

Most of the grocery stores do sell basic school supplies, however the best locations are not in walking distance. Dollar Tree above WinCo is the number one place on this list due to them selling 200 sheet college ruled paper for a dollar, a school year schedule planner for a dollar, highlighters, pens, pencils, etc. The next location would be Kmart on 21st Street behind Wendy’s. They sell clothes, school supplies, household goods, Nerf guns and basic furniture. The reason I listed Nerf guns is due to the WEB Humans vs Zombies game that takes place on campus during homecoming week. This is the place to stock up on the darts and to get your defense weapon against the zombie horde. Besides Kmart there is Big Lots, Rite Aid and the Lewiston Mall which are all located in the same parking area as WinCo and a decent eatery called Zany’s. Another place for school supplies is Staples, which is quite a walk from the mall bus stop, past Shopko, in the same parking lot as Aspen Dental and a Big 5 Sporting Goods store. Then there is of course Walmart.

Most of the locations listed above are perfect for finding clothes as well, but if you are going into the medical field you will want scrubs. There is a store in Clarkston called JP Scrubs and More, located at 619 Bridge Street. You can get there from the major bus stop hub in Clarkston. The bus line that runs from the college does circle around to the mall, so that is a one-stop shop option for those without a car who are wanting to do their grocery shopping as well as get some dorm stuff. The bus lines are great, but are not a straight shot to locations unless you do dial-a-ride.

Then there are the secondhand stores. Opportunities Unlimited Inc is located on Snake River Avenue, just down the hill from campus. They sell everything from furniture and clothes to cups and dishes. Near the mall stop on the bus line, there is Salvation Army which mostly sells clothes. If you can get a ride, a really good place for Halloween decor and costumes is Goodwill. They also have some books and occasionally a good movie or two that are inexpensive. Goodwill is located at 3134 5th St. in Lewiston, Idaho.

One thing to note: these stores are not 24-hour markets. The same goes with the bus system. Walmart and Winco are the only options open 24 hours. Late night transportation options include Uber or carpooling with a friend.

There are a lot of other businesses to check out here in the valley, plus many really good restaurants. This reporter recommends visiting the only bubble tea shop in the valley. It is located at 514 Main Street in Lewiston. Welcome to Lewiston and have a great semester here at Lewis Clark State College.

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Shopping in the valley without a car