Green design: using plants in dorm décor

Jesse Gwin

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Simple designs are perfect for cost efficient dorm room décor. New students moving into dorms or apartments may want to consider making a plant their first purchase.

The Los Angeles Times ran an article on July 24 examining how millennials have found it important to fill new spaces with plants. This has provided them with a sense of comfort and warmth in new, unfamiliar places. The high cost of living has forced young people to live more modestly, leaving many unable to fill their rooms with modern comforts. Millennials are turning to plants to counter this dilemma.

College students know what to expect when they begin their dorm life. . Money will be limited as the hours a student can work are often restricted. This may leave some closely considering each purchase. Could a plant be the answer to a first purchase?

Plants refresh a living space by replenishing oxygen and brightening up areas. This makes small rooms seem less stuffy and provides a certain sense of openness to cramped spaces. College students in smaller rooms can use this technique to open a room up and make it feel more alive. In turn, the air remains fresh without having to open a window. This can lead to the de-stressed, Zen-like atmosphere that many college students yearn for.

Students can afford the purchase of a house plant by trading out a restaurant meal for a dinner made at home. Aloe Vera, a common variety house plant, costs from $8- 20, depending on size. Aloe Vera is an inexpensive plant, good for bedrooms because is produces oxygen at night. Additionally, the leaves produce a sap that sooths cuts and burns. In turn, snake plants are on a list from NASA as being great oxygen producers. The variety of plants available is extensive and can fill a variety of needs. Plants can be bought at most major retailers and even some grocery stores.

Plants can also become hobbies. Bonsai plants, for example, require extensive care, pruning, watering and re-potting. These plants require their owners to become part-time botanists. Aside from creating a beautiful aesthetic display for a designated area, people can turn the care for these plants into an art-form.

Florae are interesting, complex elements that create value in any room. This healthy, cheap alternative to common home décor can offer college students a creative and fun way to decorate their dorm rooms. As students run down the list of necessities for the upcoming school year, they may want to consider plants.

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Green design: using plants in dorm décor