LC Valley Cruisers reprise local tradition

Trenton Bann, Staff Writer

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The Lewis-Clark Valley has a long history with car enthusiasts, including several active car clubs and the yearly summer car show called “Hot August Nights.” This is a week-long event and, in recent years, other businesses have begun holding their own pre-show. Over the summer, a group of local car enthusiasts has tried to reprise another element of the area, car community cruising.

The LC Valley Cruisers is a group of enthusiasts that look to bring together the various car communities throughout the Valley. The meetings consist of an hour-long get together, which then leads to a cruise on, what locals call, “The Loop.” While the cruise goes on, cars will occasionally pull off into the parking lots that line the main street, to talk with other enthusiasts before pulling back out for a couple more passes through “The Loop.”

The group invites anybody out to the cruise, whether you want to bring your daily driver or have an old hot rod. Any car is welcome. The mission of the group is simply to bring the entire community together and restore the Lewis-Clark Valley tradition.

If you’re interested in the event or want to check out when the next cruise is, the group is on Facebook as “LC Valley Cruisers.” Cruises happen on Saturdays and start at the old Bi-Mart parking lot in Clarkston, at 8 p.m., with cruising starting at 9. Events have been happening every Saturday so far, but make sure to check in on their Facebook page for the most up to date information.