Theatrical magic: Norman Ng performs at Silverthorne Theater

Katerina Wiley, Staff Writer

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Have you ever seen a magician bend a fork with their mind? Alright, that’s not so uncommon, but how about a drawing of a fork? Well, that’s just one of the many tricks that were performed at the Silverthorne Theater on Monday, August 20.

The Warrior Entertainment Board brought Norman Ng in through his agent to perform at LCSC for the third time in his career. When asked his favorite thing about performing at LCSC, Ng responded, “Getting the unique reactions. The girl for the cell phone ([trick])…had the perfect reaction.”

The cell phone trick one of Ng’s self-proclaimed favorite tricks to perform. In this trick, a cell phone borrowed from an audience member is placed in a box, which is placed into a bag. Ng proceeded to produce two more identical boxes in bags, mix up the three bags, and allow the cell phone owner to choose two of them. The chosen bags were then smashed with a baseball bat, and the remaining box was revealed to be empty. In the end, the phone was found to be in a sealed can of Pringles, which had been designated as the cell phone owner’s prize.

Ng’s cell phone trick was only one of the many astounding feats he performed at the Silverthorne; from making a drawing into a bowling ball, to combining magic with hockey, Norman Ng had attendees on the edge of their seats for the entirety of his show.