Change in Idaho Board of Education policy promises credit

Courtney Kammers, Assistant Editor

The Idaho State Board of Education adjusted the policies regarding how higher education institutions can accept AP Exam scores for college credit. These exams are graded with a number from 1 to 5. In August of this year, the decision was made to require colleges to accept a grade of 3 or higher for comparable credit. In the past, most Idaho colleges have established a credit policy where students who receive a 1 or a 2 have been denied credit and scores of 3 or higher have been accepted. Every college has had their own credit policies in place regarding AP Exams and, up until this year, no standardized threshold of scores had been established for the state.

This new policy will affect the handful of Idaho colleges that have higher thresholds for students. The College of Southern Idaho, for example, has required students to earn a 4 or higher on certain AP Exams. Their list includes the AP Mathematics: Calculus exam. According to the AP Exam website, less than 40 percent of students who take this test receive a score of 4 or 5. A vast majority are earning a score of 3 or less, which means that they have not been granted college credit for a math course at the College of Southern Idaho.

This policy change does not affect Lewis Clark State College, as LCSC has already established a credit policy that accepts scores of 3 or higher for comparable credit. In fact, LCSCs credit policy, as compared to other Idaho schools, is very generous. There are six credits available (ENGL 101 & 102) to the students who are able to earn a 5 on their AP English: Language and Composition exam. Students who earn a 3 or higher on their AP Science: Chemistry exam can earn five college credits (CHEM 111). If students find themselves in the 22 percent of AP Exam takers who earn a 3 on their AP History: American History exam, LCSC will grant them three credits. If students manage to be one of the 18 percent of students who earn a 4, or the 10 percent of students who earn a 5 on the exam, LCSC doubles the college credit, offering six credits and waiving the requirement for students to take HIST 111 and HIST 112.

Additional information regarding LCSC’s AP Exam credit policy can be found at or by visiting the registrar’s office.