Auditions soon to hit the stage of Silverthorne theater

April Thomas, Staff Writer

The Silverthorne Theater opens its doors once again to welcome actors and actresses alike, to audition for this year’s upcoming performance, “Force of Habit”. This hilarious play is about a girl who was raised by her military commander father. After years with her father, the girl finally goes home to meet her estranged mother and brother. The brother, having been raised by their mother, knew how to sew and was a companion to their mother. As the family comes together once more, the mother and father force their children into more traditional gender roles.

The Force of Habit gives a humorous take on love and gender roles. Written by Guillen De Castro, this 500-year-old comedy will make you laugh and see a different perspective of love, gender and how to truly be oneself.

Auditions begin Wednesday, Sept. 5 at six p.m. to nine p.m. with callbacks Thursday at Sept. 6 at six p.m. to nine p.m. Both auditions and callbacks are at the Silverthorne theater. Monologues are preferred but certain sections of the script are provided, just in case those who do not show up with a monologue prepared. People who want to work backstage (either costumes, props etc.) are encouraged to come to the auditions to receive more information.

Production dates for the performance are Nov. first through third and the eighth through the tenth. LCSC students, faculty and alumni are admitted for free (with appropriate ID). Tickets are $10.00 for general admission and $5.00 for Veterans and non-LCSC students. The Force of Habit is appropriate for all audiences.

The play is translated by Kathleen Jeffs and directed by LCSC Adjunct Professor, Jef Petersen and LCSC senior Ruby Walden. This year’s play sounds like it will be a fantastic performance. So, get out there and break a leg at auditions! (Please do not actually go break a leg, it’s just a saying).