‘The Force of Habit’ director talks shop: catch ‘The Force of Habit’ this Thursday, Friday and Saturday

April Thomas, Staff Writer

LCSC’s fall play, “The Force of Habit,” has many unique and exciting qualities. One of these exciting qualities is the play’s directors. That’s right, there’s more than one director for this play! One of the two directors is an LCSC student.

Ruby Walden is a senior at LCSC and is in the bachelor of fine arts creative writing program with a double major in publishing arts with a minor in theater.

“My introduction to theater was when I moved here in 2015,” Walden described where it all started for her. “I have not been apart of this world for very long.”

Walden met Nancy Lee Painter, a professor of theater at LCSC, and was further entranced with theater. After this, Walden participated in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, a national conference and competition for actors, actresses and even technical crews. She participated in this festival for two years as an actor and will be going again in Feb. of 2019.

Walden has limited experience in directing, basing her knowledge from a class taken at LCSC where the students directed a previous LCSC play. Walden said, “Last spring I took the directing class, and that’s where we actually directed the play from last year, ‘Secret in the Wings.’”

Walden shares the workload with  theater instructor Jeffrey Peterson. Walden described how the experience working with Peterson has been great, saying that “he’s been such a great partner to have.”

Walden mentioned that she is cautious but excited about her role. She said, “I would say I’m not qualified, but that’s probably the coolest part. I’m given this opportunity, a chance to learn and experience and to totally make it my own.”

The meeting with Walden led to excitement about the play. “The Force of Habit” opens Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m, with the house opening at 7 p.m. for seating. Admission is free for LCSC students.