LCSC hearings scheduled to discuss student fee increases.

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LCSC hearings scheduled to discuss student fee increases.

Adam Galliano, Writer

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On Feb. 21, 2019, the ASLCSC leadership program will hold a campus hearing to discuss proposed changes to student fees. All students will be invited.
During this campus hearing, the ASLCSC will offer official recommendations to the LCSC administration, concerning proposed fee changes.  These recommendations will then be reviewed by LCSC administration and then they consider what changes to overall tuition and fees will be implemented the upcoming academic year.
A second hearing will be held on March 6 at 3:00 p.m. and provides the general student population an opportunity to share thoughts and voice any concerns related to the fee changes. This hearing will be located in room 115 of the Sacajawea building.
Most college programs are funded by utilizing a portion of a student’s tuition, and those departments that receive these funds meet on a yearly basis with the ASLCSC to discuss proposed amount increases and decreases. The amount that these funds will total is based on numerous factors including compliance with regulations, enrollment numbers, specific departmental needs, and state allocated funding.
One example of a proposed fee change comes from LCSC Athletic Director Brook Henze, who met with ASLCSC to request an increase in the fees for the Athletics program effective Fall 2019. The proposed change describes an increase to the existing fee from $87.75 per full-time student per semester by $12.25, to an annual fee of $100.  Another proposed change shows the possibility of reducing the funding received by the LCSC Pathfinder newspaper ($5.75 per full-time student per semester) and the radio station ($4.00 per full-time student per semester).
In a quote from Dr. Andrew T. Hanson, LCSC Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dr. Hanson states, “Our student activity fees support a variety of programs and services intended to help LCSC’s students enjoy opportunities to engage with the campus and otherwise meet essential needs so they can get the most out of their experience at Lewis-Clark State.”
After both hearings are complete and a proposal is finalized, the LCSC administration will meet with State Board of Education officials in Moscow, Idaho, in April to make a final decision. All Idaho four-year institutions provide yearly reports similar to LCSC. According to Dr. Hanson, any feedback from LCSC students will be shared and taken into consideration, and students are urged to attend both hearings and provide dialogue as these changes affect all current and future students.
For a complete listing of all LCSC departments and programs funded by these fees, go to the LCSC web site and review the Budget Office web page, and open a document called “FY2019 Student Fees (Expanded Version)”.