Clark Kitchen

Hannah Mitchell, Editor

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Wednesday morning, the kitchen in Clark Hall was closed due to students not cleaning up their messes.
“Honestly, it was dirty. It was gross. There were dishes being left in the sink,” Debbie Kolstad, director of
Residence Life, said. “The custodians should have to be responsible for that.”
An email from Nicole Meyer, assistant director of Residence Life, stated “the dishes in the kitchen are
out of control, with people not cleaning up after themselves and allowing dirty dishes to overflow in the
The kitchen will be remain closed until Friday morning. According to Kolstad, this 48-hour closure is to
remind students that dorm kitchens are a privilege, and should be taken care of accordingly.
“Everyone has a meal plan. We haven’t cut off their access to food,” Kolstad said.
According to the email the kitchen will open back up Friday morning for a trial period over the weekend.
However, Meyers stated that “If people still continue to fail to clean up after themselves, we will shut
the kitchen down again on Monday, and it will stay closed for an undetermined amount of time.”