Cali Moscrip: Steps on a journey


Makala Peterson, Writer

A senior at Lewis-Clark State College, Cali Moscrip has been a part of the Warrior family for two years now, after transferring from Spokane Falls Community College. When asked about her two years playing for the Falls, she said, “I would not change it for the world. I played three sports up there, soccer, basketball and track.”
As a three sport athlete, Moscrip knows how important team chemistry is, and what stood out to her here at LCSC is that the team chemistry is a lot better. Last year there were about six new players, and having another year together makes it better.
One team-building activity the women’s basketball team does is volunteering. “We’re spending more time together. Sometimes it is not as fun, but we make it fun because we are helping the community,” Moscrip said.
Moscrip mentioned one standout event they did in the fall. “For the pumpkin unloading, other sports teams are there. It made it more fun. The biggest thing is that the community does a lot for us, so giving back to them is important.”
Being back home in Lewiston makes it a lot easier on her and cheaper to live. Schooling is pretty much the same for her as it was in Spokane. When it comes to basketball however the speed of the game is faster at LCSC. The overall intensity is higher, too.
When discussing why Moscrip chose basketball over her other sports, she answered, “This is a tough one.” Her explanation was her love for the game. And as she looked outside at the piles of snow of the ground, she quipped, “It’s an indoor sport.”
When asked what she plans to do after college, Moscrip stated that her basketball career would end. She might coach at some point, but she’s not entirely sure. “After graduation,” she said, “I will be getting a job, hopefully, and will be continuing my education online through Gonzaga in their Master’s of Communication and Leadership program.”