Shedding Light on Dark:

Lisa Sanphillippo, Writer

‘Wait Until Dark’

To be performed at River City Church building starting March 22nd

Lewiston Civic Theatre’s “Wait Until Dark” runs March 22, 23, 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. and March 24 and 31 at 2 p.m. at the River City Church building at 707 7th Avenue, Lewiston.
This thrilling play tells the story of Susy, a young blind woman, who has to outwit three ex-convicts who trick her unwitting husband into smuggling a drug-filled doll over the Canadian border. The ex-cons falsify their identities to get into Susy’s apartment while her husband is away in order to retrieve their illegal property. Things turn deadly and Susy’s only ally is the little girl next door.
“Wait until Dark” is directed by the young and energetic Connor Wayne Brown. Brown is a theater major at the University of Idaho. His most recent performances for the Civic include “Chicago” and “The Secret Garden.”
“I love acting,” Brown said. “I think it’s really fun, but [with] directing, there is just way more to do, and you get to guide every performance as opposed to just crafting one of your own. You get to make decisions on sets and lights and sound, and you get to build the team.”
It is clear that team is very important to Brown. In the short interview, he mentioned three times how lucky he feels to work with the actors, designers, crew and staff of the Civic Theatre.
Posted in the rehearsal room are cast rules with bullet points listing “Respect,” “Be kind,” “Have fun or you’re FIRED,” “Be on time,” “Open communication,” “Go BIG or go home” and “Stay healthy.” The cast and crew have all signed their names to the rules proclaiming their commitment to each other and the production.
Brown is eager for audiences to see what they have created. Even though the play first debuted in 1966, he believes that the risks they’ve taken with the material will pay off. ”I think it’s going to feel like a very fresh, unique and engaging production,” Brown said.
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