LCSC student receives grant from Philanthropic Education Organization

Stephanie Herbert

February 21, 2020

Treana Hanson has received a $1,200 grant from Philanthropic Education Organization International in their Program for Continuing Education scholarship. She is a student at Lewis Clark State College working on two certifications...

How to survive being single on Valentine’s Day

Carlee Smith, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

For the single people out there, Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday to look forward to. One of the best ways to distract yourself from loneliness is to go and spend time with friends. One option is to go to the Village Centre...

The longevity of effects of natural disasters

Ashley James, Guest Writer

February 14, 2020

On Jan. 12, 2010, a large-scale earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.0 hit Haiti a mere 15 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. This initial shock as well as the subsequent aftershocks measuring as high as a magnitude 5.9 severely...

Black History Month: Marching in Gucci event

Carlee Smith

February 14, 2020

On Feb. 6, Chad Goller-Sojourner performed “Marching in Gucci: the Memoirs of a Well-Dressed Black AIDS Activist” in the Silverthorne Theatre. Goller-Sojourner was a captivating speaker with a fascinating story. One student...

OP-ED: Golden Globes strangest outfits

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

Joey King, is the walking human version of those illusion books that you used to read as a kid while you were waiting at the doctor’s office. Her “Magic Eye” dress encaptures you in and if you stare long enough, it could...

What Bojack Horseman teaches us about letting go

Mikayla Hartley, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

*Spoilers ahead* With zany characters such as Paige Sinclair, heavy topics like addiction, and classic Todd shenanigans, this season was filled with memorable moments. But it is not to ignore the overall theme of letting thing...

From the Editors

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

February 14, 2020

Over the weekend, I got the opportunity to go and be a server for one night (a Saturday night) at a local restaurant in town that I don’t typically work at. The experience was heartwarming to see so many people be so nice to...

Hay’s corner: top albums of 2010s

Jordan Hay, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

Sometimes when you listen to an album for the first time, you don’t appreciate it. This has happened many times to me. I’ve listened to a record and it doesn’t resonate with me until the second, third or even fourth time...

Black History Month: Dr. Derek Adams speaks of author Toni Morrison and Grace

Alyssa Smith, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

Dr. Derek Adams spoke to LCSC students, faculty and the local community Feb. 10 during the second week of LCSC’s annual Black History Month events. His talk was entitled “The Only Grace You Can Have Is the Grace You Can Imagine:...

Small school professor wins big time

Carter Johnson, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

Jennifer Anderson has won the Missouri Review Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize in creative nonfiction for 2019 according to BigCountryNews. Anderson, assistant professor in the Humanities Division at Lewis-Clark State College,...

Addiction series: pornography

Antonia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while many people will be having a romantic dinner with their significant other, others will be sitting at home. Some might even use this holiday as an excuse to watch porn. Porn and...

Women’s and men’s basketball run-down

Sam Harrison and Alisha Alexander

February 14, 2020

Men’s basketball: The men’s basketball team is playing the best basketball they have in years. With a 23-1 overall record and an 11-1 conference record, the Warriors are looking to make it deep into the playoffs. The me...