Old Cemetery Road: a festival for the ears

Adam Galliano, Staff Writer

August 25, 2019

When I think of summer, I am always compelled to thoughts of swimming and playing in the water, backyard barbecues laden with tasty treats and aromas of grilled foods filling the air. The camping trips and outdoor excursions in...

‘Avengers: Endgame’ “Part of the journey is the end”

Douglas Cowdrey, The Pathfinder

May 9, 2019

Nothing regarding plot elements is included in this brief review. It is essentially a persuasive piece to convince you to see the movie as soon as you are able. Equally magnificent in scope and depth, “Avengers: Endgame”...

Baseball Word Search Solution

May 7, 2019

Baseball (solution) - Word Search Puzzle

A history of NAIA baseball at LCSC: How I relearned to love baseball

Lisa Sanphillippo, Writer

April 30, 2019

Can baseball mend heart break? I have been broken up with sports for a long time now. Sports and I used to be really tight. I have so many fond memories: • Hanging with my Grandpa and watching or talking sports, or the time...

Humans of LCSC: Tracie Sultz

Claire Vincent, Writer

April 30, 2019

Tracie Shultz: “My name is Tracie Shultz. When I was born, my grandmother told my mom to make sure my name was spelled as T-R-A-C-I-E and not as T-R-A-C-Y. She believed the name Tracy with a “y” at the end was meant for...

If it’s worth the risk, go after your lover

Tony Murillo, Writer

April 30, 2019

As I go through these last weeks, some things dawn on me. Naturally as the year winds down people tend to get retrospective. It is a time for looking back on the school year passed. Throw in a bit introspection ,and you have me...

Self-care on campus

Lisa Sanphillippo, Writer

April 24, 2019

It’s almost the end of the spring semester and, of course, I decided to take on seven extra tasks that are all due in May. I’ve got a speech coming up and a math test and my work is stupid right now and I’ve got to decide...