Talking River Review: 25 years later

Carter Johnson, Reporter

November 14, 2019

Starting a college club is something people think of doing, but either the idea never gets off the ground or it just plain flops. That was not the case for Jim Hart when, 25 years ago, he started LCSC’s literary journal, Talking...

Opinion: Thanksgiving food, drink tier list

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

November 14, 2019

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is most reasonable to rank the foods and drinks associated with the holiday. The opinions shared in this are explicit to the writer, and does not reflect the staff of the Pathfinder’s overall...

Papa Bob’s corner: texts you never want to get

Papa Bob

November 14, 2019

Away we go after the time change. Dark in the early morning and dark again by four pm. Got to keep an eye out for the appearance of the black dog known as depression and get out the long johns and heavy socks. Okay, kids, I offer...

Comic: “Antpocalypse”

Mikayla Hartley and Ensley Keith

November 1, 2019

“Antpocalypse” illustrator: Mikayla Hartley ink and colorist: Ensley Keith...

Who is Ed and Lorraine Warren?

Bianca Sekayouma, Writer

November 1, 2019

One of the most famous cases this couple investigated was related to the Amityville Horror story. In this case the family reported antagonistic voices, welts, swarms of flies and unseen entities. Lorraine was quoted during a...

Local Powwows give opportunities to learn about America’s roots

Mikayla Hartley, Writer

November 1, 2019

Every once in a while you may hear talk of a Native Powwow occurring nearby. The local Nez Perce Tribe puts these on for different types of celebrations. Depending on the time of year, there are also annual Powwows that Natives...

LCSC’s annual “Zombie Tag” editorial

Alyssa Smith, Writer

November 1, 2019

Every year in October the Warrior Entertainment Board puts on a campus wide Humans vs Zombies game that lasts for an entire week. There are missions for both humans and zombies that keep everyone engaged and happy. The goal...