From the Editors: Issue #4

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

September 20, 2019

I am slowly realizing that I like college more than any other type of schooling I have ever had, including elementary school... and that had recess! I don’t know if it sounds cheesy, but sometimes I wake up actually excited...

From the Editors

Gracyn Richardson and Trenton Bann

September 6, 2019

These past couple of weeks have tested my strength. I thought that college was going to be hard and my social and work life easy, but it is the opposite. Spanish? Easy. Working a single day a week at my part-time job as a waitress...

Finding birds of a feather: developing community in the LC Valley

Tony Murillo, Writer

April 12, 2019

My sister lives right outside Los Angeles. She grew up in the Lewis Clark Valley before moving to Arizona for college and finally moving to California for her career. During her last visit, we had a thorough talk about the valley. I...